Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weigh in time!

Day 4 of my shots! Not doing bad... shockingly not hungry... YET haha. Did 500 calories yesterday and was nothing. Today i'm hoping it will be as easy as yesterday. Weekends will always be harder cause I have less going on and boredom makes me have the munchies! My official weight at the doctor's the first time was 187 pounds. I know I fluctuated before the shots started so I was around 185ish. Today i'm down to 181.8. SOOO great success in my eyes as I haven't seen a number that low on the scale in FOREVER!! I feel pretty healthy eating such healthy food and for 500 cals there is a lot to eat. Yesterday I was so full I couldn't even finish most food. Today i'm going to Whole Foods to get some Miracle Noodles and Braggs Amino Acid soy sauce, I also need to find some 20 calorie bread sticks. I'm pretty sure if I can get through the weekend the busy week ahead will be a breeze. Trying to find a tape measure to do all my official measurements but i'm going to take pics right now AND measure and will update in this post within the hour!

-Signing off
              A seriously melting mama!

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