Sunday, February 12, 2012

First Week Plus Carb Load Finished!

Yesterday was the first week of actual dieting finished plus my two days of Carb Loading. I'm am excited to announce i'm 13.4 pounds DOWN!!! I'm VERY excited. All of my pants are falling off of me. I was at the end of one pants size when I started and now i'm down full ones. So was size 14, down to 12's which are too big and into 10's which are a little snug but a few more pounds and they will fit perfect!! I'm beyond ecstatic... in another 14 pounds i'll be down to my pre-pregnancy weight of 160! I can't wait for that day! Anyway here are some progress pics :)

Day 5

    Day 7   

                                                                                   Day 9

Signing off for now,

Thursday, February 9, 2012

First 'Official' Week down :)

Today is week one completed and i'm 10 pounds down this morning! So very exciting! My pants are falling off hahaha. I've been working a lot so haven't had time to write proper updates but I will post pictures and everything since that's my true first week. The first two days i'm not counting as much cause those were carb load days. So... very excited and feeling great. It gets hard when your on the go, cause you could just stop and Burger King or Taco Bell but I know I can't. I have been able to fudge a few  days at work when I didn't have the foods I needed. I was able to go grocery shopping and get some Miracle Noodles and Braggs amino acid and all the fruits allowed by the diet. It helps to keep the variety. Tonight I had some yummy fish and for lunch turkey. As long as i'm not eating a chicken breast at every meal I find it easier to not get bored. I'm lucky enough my doctor gave me lots of fun recipes so i've had fun trying them. But off to bed another long day tomorrow.

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Everything Smells Good....

Today hasn't been horrible, Day 6. Shots are so easy now I don't even think about it. I'm down to 179.4 today and feeling fabulous. I haven't even eaten much cause I have been going crazy trying to do moving stuff and doctor's appointments and grocery shopping. Now though, my mom is cooking Mexican food... and damn... the temptation is there let me tell ya. I would love to grub on some taco's, beans and spanish rice... but must not let myself. I just think of the joy I feel when I get on the scale in the morning and it gets easier to not cheat. I feel like I can see a difference already looking in the mirror, my kangaroo pouch doesn't stick out as much haha. I've been drinking lots of Smart Water, apparently... it's a smart decision to do so... make sure i'm getting vitamins and stuff during the day. Yesterday I worked and keeping to the diet wasn't nearly as hard as I thought. Plus chasing a bunch of kids around I thought I would be a lot more tired at the end of the day but shockingly it wasn't horrible. Tomorrow is day 7 but since I started the shot's last Thursday I'll do a bigger update with pictures on day 9 as thats one week plus the two carb loading days so hopefully more of a difference! Tomorrow is another work day hope it goes as well as Monday!!

Keeping Chugging along until tomorrow,
                               xx Melting Mama

Monday, February 6, 2012

Finally, Pics!

Sorry, i'm such a bad blogger! I get busy running after my 1 year old and I forget so quickly but I have pictures I took this morning, excuse my messy... everything I just woke up and took them real quick. Today my weight is down to 180.4!! Very excited to see progress DAILY! It's encouraging to keep chugging along. Now prior to this little experiment I would NEVER show these pictures... even my husband barely see's me exposed anymore, I HATE my stomach so usually do everything I can to cover it up but I shall post here today with confidence knowing it won't look like it much longer!!! So Happy Monday, I know i'm feeling great... and LIGHTER!

So here is the Melting Mama in all my glory, excuse the toilet and the stain on my shirt from the Monster Baby, haha. It's a body i'm happy to trim down but at the same time I don't feel bad posting because this body carried and made a baby, the most beautiful human being i've ever laid eyes on and i'm blessed for that so... if I lived with the extra pounds so that I could have my little miracle, so be it, but to be a better healthier mama for my MooBaby I am happy to finally kick the cravings and laziness and get my self back into shape!

Until tomorrow!

Signing off,
             The Melting Mama

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weigh in time!

Day 4 of my shots! Not doing bad... shockingly not hungry... YET haha. Did 500 calories yesterday and was nothing. Today i'm hoping it will be as easy as yesterday. Weekends will always be harder cause I have less going on and boredom makes me have the munchies! My official weight at the doctor's the first time was 187 pounds. I know I fluctuated before the shots started so I was around 185ish. Today i'm down to 181.8. SOOO great success in my eyes as I haven't seen a number that low on the scale in FOREVER!! I feel pretty healthy eating such healthy food and for 500 cals there is a lot to eat. Yesterday I was so full I couldn't even finish most food. Today i'm going to Whole Foods to get some Miracle Noodles and Braggs Amino Acid soy sauce, I also need to find some 20 calorie bread sticks. I'm pretty sure if I can get through the weekend the busy week ahead will be a breeze. Trying to find a tape measure to do all my official measurements but i'm going to take pics right now AND measure and will update in this post within the hour!

-Signing off
              A seriously melting mama!

Friday, February 3, 2012

First Shots :)

Yesterday I did my first shot! I was nervous as i'm not a needle person by any means, but after talking to the doctor she said the shot form was more effective as it goes right to the blood stream and I don't have to worry about it not absorbing as opposed to the oral form.  Anyways she walked me through it all and I stuck myself with the needle! Super scary as I almost closed my eyes in anticipation but remembered... that could be dangerous and to my complete and utter surprise it didn't even hurt and I did it all by myself! May seem little to you but to me this is a LARGE feat! So yay me, I rock. Yesterday was my first day of carb loading and I must say it was rather hard as I just was not hungry. This morning I again gave myself the shot all alone here at home and did  pretty well. Today is my last carb load day and again i'm just not hungry i'm trying but bleh just not feeling it. Though tomorrow I start 500 calories and that's when i'm sure i'll be craving those carbs! Tonight I will upload pictures and log my measurements for future reference, the diet says I should be weighing myself every single day to make sure I loose daily. Excited to starting seeing those numbers slide off my scale. Time to go eat some pasta or bread or some sort of carb. Nom Nom Nom.

Until tonight,

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A set back.

So annoying, went to the doctor she didn't have the shot in so I don't get to start until Thursday. On the plus side... I can eat some apple pie tonight. I did get weighed today I lost 5 pounds since my last appointment so that was encouraging. So... bring on Thursday... I got this!