Monday, February 6, 2012

Finally, Pics!

Sorry, i'm such a bad blogger! I get busy running after my 1 year old and I forget so quickly but I have pictures I took this morning, excuse my messy... everything I just woke up and took them real quick. Today my weight is down to 180.4!! Very excited to see progress DAILY! It's encouraging to keep chugging along. Now prior to this little experiment I would NEVER show these pictures... even my husband barely see's me exposed anymore, I HATE my stomach so usually do everything I can to cover it up but I shall post here today with confidence knowing it won't look like it much longer!!! So Happy Monday, I know i'm feeling great... and LIGHTER!

So here is the Melting Mama in all my glory, excuse the toilet and the stain on my shirt from the Monster Baby, haha. It's a body i'm happy to trim down but at the same time I don't feel bad posting because this body carried and made a baby, the most beautiful human being i've ever laid eyes on and i'm blessed for that so... if I lived with the extra pounds so that I could have my little miracle, so be it, but to be a better healthier mama for my MooBaby I am happy to finally kick the cravings and laziness and get my self back into shape!

Until tomorrow!

Signing off,
             The Melting Mama

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