Friday, February 3, 2012

First Shots :)

Yesterday I did my first shot! I was nervous as i'm not a needle person by any means, but after talking to the doctor she said the shot form was more effective as it goes right to the blood stream and I don't have to worry about it not absorbing as opposed to the oral form.  Anyways she walked me through it all and I stuck myself with the needle! Super scary as I almost closed my eyes in anticipation but remembered... that could be dangerous and to my complete and utter surprise it didn't even hurt and I did it all by myself! May seem little to you but to me this is a LARGE feat! So yay me, I rock. Yesterday was my first day of carb loading and I must say it was rather hard as I just was not hungry. This morning I again gave myself the shot all alone here at home and did  pretty well. Today is my last carb load day and again i'm just not hungry i'm trying but bleh just not feeling it. Though tomorrow I start 500 calories and that's when i'm sure i'll be craving those carbs! Tonight I will upload pictures and log my measurements for future reference, the diet says I should be weighing myself every single day to make sure I loose daily. Excited to starting seeing those numbers slide off my scale. Time to go eat some pasta or bread or some sort of carb. Nom Nom Nom.

Until tonight,

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