Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Everything Smells Good....

Today hasn't been horrible, Day 6. Shots are so easy now I don't even think about it. I'm down to 179.4 today and feeling fabulous. I haven't even eaten much cause I have been going crazy trying to do moving stuff and doctor's appointments and grocery shopping. Now though, my mom is cooking Mexican food... and damn... the temptation is there let me tell ya. I would love to grub on some taco's, beans and spanish rice... but must not let myself. I just think of the joy I feel when I get on the scale in the morning and it gets easier to not cheat. I feel like I can see a difference already looking in the mirror, my kangaroo pouch doesn't stick out as much haha. I've been drinking lots of Smart Water, apparently... it's a smart decision to do so... make sure i'm getting vitamins and stuff during the day. Yesterday I worked and keeping to the diet wasn't nearly as hard as I thought. Plus chasing a bunch of kids around I thought I would be a lot more tired at the end of the day but shockingly it wasn't horrible. Tomorrow is day 7 but since I started the shot's last Thursday I'll do a bigger update with pictures on day 9 as thats one week plus the two carb loading days so hopefully more of a difference! Tomorrow is another work day hope it goes as well as Monday!!

Keeping Chugging along until tomorrow,
                               xx Melting Mama

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