Thursday, February 9, 2012

First 'Official' Week down :)

Today is week one completed and i'm 10 pounds down this morning! So very exciting! My pants are falling off hahaha. I've been working a lot so haven't had time to write proper updates but I will post pictures and everything since that's my true first week. The first two days i'm not counting as much cause those were carb load days. So... very excited and feeling great. It gets hard when your on the go, cause you could just stop and Burger King or Taco Bell but I know I can't. I have been able to fudge a few  days at work when I didn't have the foods I needed. I was able to go grocery shopping and get some Miracle Noodles and Braggs amino acid and all the fruits allowed by the diet. It helps to keep the variety. Tonight I had some yummy fish and for lunch turkey. As long as i'm not eating a chicken breast at every meal I find it easier to not get bored. I'm lucky enough my doctor gave me lots of fun recipes so i've had fun trying them. But off to bed another long day tomorrow.

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