Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Introduction :)

My Name is Whitney the SOON to be Melting Mama. I have one son named Levi who just turned the big 1. :) I'm married to my big bad Marine and I love him to pieces. I'm starting this blog to document my journey over the next 6 weeks while I use the HCG diet. I am not using the one over the counter, i'm using it through my doctor's office and will be under a doctor's care for the entire 6 weeks. I'll be eating very little which for me will be ROUGH. But you can do anything for 6 weeks right? So feel free to join me through my trials and tribulations as I try to loose my 'baby' weight and get back into shape.... and not the round shape I currently am.

A little background, I'm 24 years old, I got pregnant with my little nugget in April of 2010. I gained a WHOPPING 58 pounds -__- ... My bad... I guess that doctor wasn't joking around when she said anything over 25 pounds was mine to keep... and I am keeping it quite well... in my butt, stomach, legs, arms, and face. Live and learn. So since having MooBaby who was only 9 pounds 4 ounces.. that left me at 187 pounds and even with exercise and dieting can't seem to get the weight off. So i'm hoping this is the key to my success. Along my journey I will post lots of pictures for you to follow along and for me to see if this MIRACLE is in fact a miracle. I will also refer to my son as many names since we have lots of nicknames for him... mostly MooBaby, Moo, Nugget, BooBoo... as to not confuse you I only have one child though sometimes if feels like I have 5 :) I will also be separated from my husband through the entire process and he will not see me until my hopeful transformation is complete! We are going to be moving from California (my home) to Oklahoma (not my home) and when I get there my husband will finally get to see me in all my glory. So if you were able to follow all that jumble from a very tired mama's brain, I hope you will follow me on my journey and if it works maybe it can help a few other's on there journey to weight loss success.  So the date this all goes down is February 1st 2012, can hardly wait for this all to begin... better get all my junk food eating out of the way now :*

Signing off for now,
                     Melting Mama

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